Honda Odyssey


The Honda Odyssey is one of those modern marvels that you have seen on the road since you were child. They have an incredibly long front end and hood, and our experts believe that is what the original designers thought put the ‘Od’ in Odyssey.

The Honda Odyssey was born in 1994, and has helped shape the small van class ever since. A couple of its competitors might have been the MPV and the Astro Van, so that just says it all right there. It is safe to say that over half of the people reading this have some type of memory of riding in one of their friend’s mom’s nasty Odyssey vans on the way to school or baseball practice. This is just one of those vehicles that no matter how clean you keep it, it always looks like a dirty piece of poo poo.

With all negative comments and preconceived notions of the Honda Odyssey out of the way, we must say that this vehicle has quite a bit of room inside for you know what…..avid video game playing. That’s right, we figure if you are going to pimp the odyssey out then you should not even bother assuming girls are going to want to go inside that thing. Your best bet is installing a sick LCD television, sound system, Xbox and/or Play Station and turning your mom’s old kid hauler into a video game weed smoking hang-out spot for your buddies.

Custom Honda Odyssey

Now this may be the sickest Odyssey in existence in the world today. If Batman got married, had a family, and got his balls chopped of by Bane he might actually drive this. In reality, it is still highly likely that an Asian man is driving this vehicle. #RiceRocket

Driver Description

Let’s face it; people who drive the Honda Odyssey were probably not in the ‘cool crowd’ growing up in school. The top stereotype for this extremely weird and nerdy looking van is the Asian male age 32 to 55. Sometimes it is quite amazing how true driver stereotypes are. Our experts have discussed this and it seems that over 80% of the time you will see an Asian man driving this car. Chances are he has children or just a lot of crap like clothes and tools that he needs to throw in back for storage. It is also likely that you might find these other types of people behind the wheel of the Odyssey:

  • Hispanic males ages 30-55 driving the kids to soccer practice in the old beat-up family vehicle
  • Hispanic males ages 16-25 driving around their parent’s hammy down vehicle. Grandma is probably in the back ready to get dropped off at bridge (an old people game)
  • White males ages 50-70 who do not have enough money to afford a better vehicle and/or do not have enough style and know how NOT to purchase this laugh capsule
  • White males ages 16-21 who got this as a first car from their parents and now use it to hot box and hit up all of the local skateboard spots with their friends

The Honda Odyssey is one of the reasons why this website was started, because it never seizes to amaze us when stereotypes are so consistently accurate. Sometimes certain makes and models become embedded within an entire culture and ethnic group, and we think this is what has happened with the Odyssey van and Asians.

Stereotypical Honda Odyssey

You recognize this van, it’s the one that is driving 50 mph on the freeway swerving in and out of the lane with their turn signal on. When you finally fly by and take a peek inside of the window you are not surprised to see a 55 year old Asian man huddled over the steering wheel as concentrated as a human can be.

Driver Behavior

Odyssey drivers are not extreme to the least. In fact, Honda Odyssey drivers are about as boring as they come. They might piss you off because they drive so slow and cautious, but that is about it. You will see them driving like this on the road:

  • Going so slow that you want to rip your hair out
  • Driving with their turn signal on for about 10 minutes in the same lane
  • Signaling they are going to turn for about 2 minutes before they decide it is safe enough to switch into the other lane
  • Driving in the fast lane at an incredibly slow pace
  • Swerving in and out of their lane and probably into yours
  • Hitting their brakes frequently on roads because they are having trouble finding their destination

Besides for being a quite frustrating car to drive around, the Honda Odyssey does not have any majorly extreme tendencies that we can attest to. Perhaps you have some stories of your past experiences with the Odyssey that you would like to share?

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