Van Stereotypes

Vans are one of the most stereotyped vehicles ever invented. They are also one of the most dreaded to own. When you were a kid was your dream car ever a van? Our guess is probably not. Nobody wants to drive a van, they do it strictly out of necessity or in other words…kids. Vans are hideous in appearance, slow on the road, and usually contain at least 2-3 children that are either flipping you off or waving at you from the inside (a game otherwise known as ‘Sweet and Sour’). However, there is still a mystery around why people buy vans, because there are too many SUV’s out there now that do the same exact thing. Our expert stereotypers think they have solved the puzzle.

We discovered that there are only so many types of vans that can be categorized and stereotyped effectively. You might think that everybody who drives a van is just a family man or woman who needs it for their kids, but you would be mistaken. There are certain vans out there that attract a very specific type of individual. The bottom line is that vans are ugly and hideous vehicles that people purchase for specific reasons. Van buyers are also probably one of the smartest auto shoppers around since they know exactly what they are looking for; Then again, they are looking for a van so how smart can they be?

Ugly Van

People think that their vans are so beautiful, comfortable, roomy, and safe. What they do not know is that this is what the rest of the world sees when we look at vans on the road. If you currently drive a van like this, our experts highly suggest you sell it, buy a motorcycle, and give yourself a chance at attracting the opposite sex.

In England, people only refer to vehicles as ‘vans’ if they are carrying goods such as food, building materials, tools, pornography, drugs, etc. That is probably because nobody in their right mind would ever drive a van if they did not have any ‘goods’ to transport.

One of the only exceptions that anybody should ever make for vans is when they are driven by a handicapped person. If you are handicapped, there is a good possibility that you have a wheel chair, walker, or some other type of assisting apparatus with you, and in that case you need a van. Sometimes you have to wonder…is the van becoming extinct? The answer is no. There is always going to be some type of demand for these monstrosities, because there are always going to be dumbasses that drive.

Family Van Stereotypes

Now this is what the van is best used for, raising a happy family. The best part is you can actually raise your family inside of the van if you need to, and the way the economy has been looking that is not too far-fetched.

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