Lowered Trucks


Lowered trucks are driven by a people that really are a breed of their own. Are they cool? Usually they are not. The most common lowered trucks that you will probably see out there are the Chevrolet S10, Ford F150, Chevrolet Silverado, and Dodge Ram. Sure, those old classic trucks are lowered but we are not referring to those prehistoric machines when we say “lowered trucks.” The type we are talking about are the type that your Dad or Grandpa do not collect or admire. They are admired more by your gangster Latino friend or you best friend’s poser little sophomore brother.

Everybody has seen those pick-up trucks dropped on the ground to the point where they are practically scraping the pavement. The nicer ones will even have air bags which allow the driver to control the height of the front and rear of the vehicle, often times independently from one another to create a crazy aggressive stance. Another very common characteristic of the ‘gangsta’ type lowered truck is the shave factor. Yes, shaved…like a fine……….pair of female legs, which means the door handles and even the bed gate handle is filled with material, ‘shaved,’ and painted over so that it is smooth with the rest of the body.

We can probably get into specifics of the different stereotypes that would drive each truck model, but we would rather generalize and clump all of those low ridin’ outlaws together under one ‘hood.’

Lowered Truck with Flames

Now this is how you do it if you are going to lower a truck. Go all out. Slap some flames on there and shave that bitch. Ignore the fact that this truck looks like it is from the 80’s and sitting in somebody’s front yard in Tijuana.

Driver Description

You might think that low rider trucks were driven by midget truckers for practicality reasons, but you would be mistaken. The most common type of person that lowers their truck is teenage boys in high school. When guys are in high school they usually want to be like the coolest rapper or rocker around. If you are on the rap/gangster side you lower your truck, and if you are on the white trash/rocker side you raise it.  Of course there are your rare exceptions from both sides, but this is CarStereotypes.com, not FortheMostPart.fu. You will see the following types of people driving lowered trucks:

  • Latino males of all ages who lower their vehicle because it looks cool and is part of Hispanic auto culture
  • Teenage boys who get a pick-up truck in high school because their parents want them to be safe, and they drop, shave, and trick that biatch out to make it look cool
  • White males ages 24 to 34 whom have a ‘hip-hop’ personality and want a low riding machine
  • Middle to upper-class white males, usually from the South, who are really into the Nascar Champion Truck Series and want to pretend like they are racers
  • Your very rare woman who is probably a big racing fan and huge slut

Our expert stereotypers have noticed that lowered trucks are getting rarer and rarer these days, and we predict that the sky rocketing gas prices have a large role to play in that. It also could be attributed to the fact that SUV’s are getting cheaper, better gas mileage, and sexier. Either way, the low rider-driver is going to remain special.

Stereotypical Lowered Truck

This truck has been dropped to the pavement, booted up (rims), and dressed with custom tail lights. That is usually what the average ‘lowered truck person’ does to their vehicle to make it look cool. Enjoy getting stuck behind them in a parking lot full of speed bumps.

Driver Behavior

The way that you are going to see lowered trucks behave on the road highly depends on what type of lowered truck it is. If it is on air bags then it is probably a cruiser that does not feel the wind over 65mph very often. If it is a lowered F150 Lightning than it is an entirely different animal; since Lightings are supercharged SVT Fords they are meant to be driven at high speeds, raced, and whipped around turns because they also have a stiffer suspension. All in all, you will see lowered trucks acting like this:

  • Cruising slowly down the street because it is so low that it is practically scraping the ground
  • Driving at extremely fast speeds probably racing another vehicle
  • Parked in the local shopping center where the high school kids hang out, bouncing up and down on it’s airbags showing off those auto hops
  • Burning out at a red light to show off to their friends, leaving the people around them in a cloud of smoke
  • Driving slower than your grandma in her wheelchair trying to avoid ‘scrapage’ from speed bumps, sidewalks, pot holes, etc.

Lowering your truck used to be cool, but these days you are pretty much looked at as a gangster, a wanna-be gangster, or a poser…and none of those are great options. Do yourself a favor and save up for a nice SUV, coupe, or hell even a sedan.

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