Dodge Ram


The Dodge Ram is one of those American Classic trucks…one of the trucks that will always be remembered as an American great. The Ram has been such a big success and revenue generator for Dodge that they even created its own brand for the thing, and so they have been sold under the Dodge Ram brand since 2010.

Winner of Motor Trend Magazine’s Truck of the Year Award 4 times in its existence, the Dodge Ram understandingly makes up a large portion of the public pick-up truck population. They have a humongous engine and just seem bigger than most other pick-up trucks, full size or not.  Since the year they were born in 1981 to now, the Dodge Ram attracts a certain type of clientele, the type thinks their bad ass, sometimes is bad ass, and just doesn’t give a fuck. The Ram is driven with Pride, the very thing that thrives within the body of a real ram when they battle their adversaries for dominance. As a top notch truck in a market of weak, foreign, impostor competitors, the Dodge Ram deserves the feisty and fuel filled drivers that it has. God Bless the USA!!!

Classic Dodge Ram

This is the classic image of the Dodge Ram that we all imagine. The classic image that you usually see in your rear view mirror tailgating your ass with not one care for your life.

Driver Description

The most common driver of the Dodge Ram is undoubtedly men, of all ages. The type of guy that drives the Dodge Ram is vast; Some 16 year old boys are bought this truck when they get their drivers license, middle aged-men and older men drive this truck to work in construction/contraction, dads use this truck as an every day vehicle, families own this truck for vacations and “transport situations,” etc.

For whatever reason, our stereotypers have concurred that most Dodge Ram drivers are alpha-male types who are always trying to display their dominance on the road, no matter how girly, old, or young their road opponent might be. There are definitely the occasional “truck babe” situations where you have hottie girls or MILFS driving, but for the most part you will find those testosterone heads behind the wheel, along with maybe these other peeps:

  • 38-55 year old men who work in construction, contracting, or use their truck in some way on the job site
  • 16 year old boys who are handed the keys to this truck on a sliver platter
  • Older men who are “good ol’ boys”
  • 18-28 year old girls who like trucks and probably ride dirt bikes and like NASCAR
  • 36-50 year old women who use the truck to transport all of their kids’ crap and the kids

For whatever reason, those Ram drivers are those guys that tell you to pull over so they can beat the crap out of you with whatever type of metal pipe, golf club, or baseball bat that they have handy in their truck bed. They are usually scruffy looking, over weight, and look like an angry Texan dad who got up on the wrong side of the bed.

Lifted Dodge Ram

This custom Dodge Ram is lifted, modified, and extreme…just like the way it drives on the road. A lot of people lift and customize the Dodge Ram because they have a lack of self confidence that they need to compensate for.

Driver Behavior

Dodge Ram drivers drive just as aggressive as they act. In fact, truck drivers are one of the most aggressive breeds of people that exist in the world today. Have you ever noticed that trucks seem to tailgate other cars more than other vehicles? Have you ever noticed that road rage incidents usually involve at least one truck? Well that is probably because truck drivers, especially Ram drivers, are out of their mind. For some reason they feel like they need to get everywhere faster than you do and they are very special. You can see Ram drivers guilty of the following:

  • Tailgating other drivers like mad men
  • Speeding dramatically, even if it is only to advance 50 feet or less
  • Not stopping at stop signs or red lights until the very last second
  • Not waiting their turn at stop sign intersections
  • Powering their way into lanes
  • Screaming at other drivers and challenging them to fights on the side of the road

Guys who drive the Ram are different than dudes who drive other truck brands and models. Ford Ranger drivers are more timid and tiny, GMC Sierra drivers are more sophisticated, and even Silverado drivers seem to have more class.

If you have any crazy experiences with Dodge Ram drivers or would like to offer your own opinion, than have at it boss!

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