Trucks & SUV Stereotypes

It is important to separate truck & SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) stereotypes from car stereotypes because trucks and SUV’s are not Cars, obviously. Also, truck and SUV drivers are many times an entirely different type of breed than people who buy passenger and sports cars (we are aware that sometimes people own 2 cars, but we have decided that this statement is more true than not).

Your stereotypical car buyer is a person that is not usually one of extremes, a person that is more mildly mannered and tends to live within the common norms of modern society. People who buy trucks and/or SUV’s are different, they tend to come from the walks of life that push the extremes and challenge the barriers and norms of today’s world. This is thought to be true because of the thought process that goes into purchasing a vehicle, where one question plays a major role: “Should I buy a car that is normal size or much larger than other most vehicles on the road?”

Truck Stereotypes

Truck stereotypes sit deep in the soul of Rednecks, contractors, and white people all across the land. Sure, black people drive trucks sometimes but usually you will see a mix of geniuses like you do in this image. At least they are putting their lifted trucks to use, not like in Los Angeles.

People who answer “yes” to the question above are making a deliberate choice to purchase a vehicle that is larger and in many cases louder and more powerful (more extreme) than most cars. We understand that there are now smaller SUV’s and not so big trucks, but for the most part they actually belong to their own hybrid class of vehicle.

Within the pages of our Truck & SUV Stereotypes Section, we are going to pinpoint and expose the stereotypes about these drivers that all of you have been experiencing your entire lives. Those people with the huge lifted trucks, lowered pick-ups, big clean SUV’s, and other makes and models. Truck and SUV drivers are finally going to be stereotyped for what they really are….many things.

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