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Racial Stereotypes

racial stereotypes

Racial stereotypes are a sensitive subject, especially here in the United States. With America being the melting pot that it is, there are people from all types of ethnic backgrounds that have either migrated here or were born here as 2nd or even 3rd generation Americans. This is what makes America great, and over the years people have developed racial stereotypes about the various cultures that have boiled down into this amazing Country.

When discussing stereotypes about anything there is always that main question: do they exist because they are true or because some people are just flat out racist? Our expert ethnicity stereotypers have concluded that it is a mixture of the two. Do black people like fried chicken? Yes, but who doesn’t!? Are Jewish people conservative with their money? Yes, but who doesn’t try to be!? What makes it a stereotype is the fact that people exaggerate this truth to make it out like all people of the targeted race fall into a single bucket, and nobody wants to be grouped together and “stereotyped” like that.

America has a culture that promotes individualism more than any other country. With our colorful cell phone cases, flashy rims, weird hair cuts, custom clothing, and stupid tattoos, most of us seek our own special unique place in the world. It is understandable to get angry about stereotypes, especially when they are not true. However, we must reach deep down in our souls and try to find the sense of humor within. After all, the majority of stereotypes stem from at least a couple snippets of truth. Let’s aim for the melting pot and not the salad bowl.