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Asian Stereotypes

Asians are bad at driving

When people think of which races and ethnicities are stereotyped the most, Asian stereotypes are probably one of the first ones that pop in their head. Why do Asians receive so much attention when it comes to stereotyping? It is partially because stereotypes are true to some extent, and partially because Asians probably have the most traditions and set methods of doing things out of all races.

1. Asians are Good at Math

Asians are good at math

Has anybody ever heard that Asians are good at math? Well, it’s because they are, for the most part, about 95% of the time. This is because Asians and Asian Americans are brought up in a much disciplined household that places lots of emphasis on school, grades, and music. Yes, music. A large percentage of Asian children are brought up to learn how to play at least one instrument. Sometimes the parents have a particular instrument in mind, but our expert stereotypers believe that the children are allowed to choose any instrument to learn. The most common are violin, piano, and guitar. It is this traditional learning of musical instruments that works out the left side of the brain and helps Asians succeed in math. The mandatory 3 hours of study time a night might help out just a little bit too……

2. Asian Women are Conservative

Asian women are conservative

Everyone has all heard this one, and it is very important to define “conservative.” Conservative refers to the notion that one is mild mannered, especially pertaining to sexual relations, drugs, alcohol, and physical activity. Is it true? Not really. Asian women, especially Asian American women, like to party and get down just as much as Mexicans, Jews, Blacks, etc. do. They may come across as “conservative,” but they enjoy life in all of those amazingly pleasure full ways that the rest of us do; the difference is you just don’t know it because of the way they like to remain private. There is that saying that Asian girl stereotype that they are “quiet,” but that may be because they are hiding a life of partying and leisure from their parents. This mysterious quietness may be what attracts white males to Asian women so much, especially Jewish white males for some odd reason. Asian women white men combos have come from frowned upon, to fetish, to everyday life.

3. Asians are Bad at Driving

Asians are bad at driving

Okay this one is true. There is a larger percentage Asians who are bad at driving rather than good at it. The funniest part is, some of the best drivers in the world are Asian. If any of you have been to a car race or somewhere where they have “drifting” then you are fully aware they have mad skills. It is the above 50 crowd that mainly kills it for their reputation on the road. If you live in a city with a medium to large Asian population, then you have probably had several experiences where you get cut-off on the road or stuck behind a slow moving vehicle, and then discover there is an Asian man or women driving. Is it due to a lack of peripheral vision? Perhaps a bit, but our expert stereotypers believe that since it is mainly Asian men and women over 50 years old who drive badly, then it is probably due to their more conservative nature and unfamiliarity with driving on the freeway and on crowded roads. It makes you wonder what traffic is like in Japan or China…….#yikes

4. Asian Men Have Small Penises

Asian Men Have Small Penises

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it is an Asian man’s penis. If you have ever seen an Asian porn star’s dick then you know they are usually on the smaller side of things. Because if their penises are normal sized in porn, then imagine how they are regularly in every day life. From the research our expert stereotypers have done on this topic, they have concluded that Asian penises are usually normal or small in size. In the rare case of a huge Asian dick, it is usually larger in width and girth than in length. When it comes to race and dick size, black people have it on lock down.

5. Asians Love to Gamble

Asians love to gamble

The MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas did not completely destroy their multimillion dollar grand lion entrance to build a new, less cool, one for no reason. That’s right, they tore down the entrance because you had to walk through a lion’s open mouth, and that is bad luck for the Chinese who flock to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Morocco, and other gambling cities and establishments like birds fly south for the winter time. In all seriousness and with Chinese stereotypes aside, the Asian community is historically very superstitious. The Chinese were betting on board games around 4,000 B.C., and today, the entire Asian culture leads the world in gambling wagers. Old Asian women and men play baccarat while the younger generation goes all in at the poker tables. Asian stereotypes tell us that they are crazy out of control gamblers, but for the most part Asians do a good job budgeting for what is an honorable, respectful, and fun part of their culture.