Volkswagen Jetta


The Volkswagen Jetta was introduced to the world in 1970, and since then it has carved out its very own special niche within the industry. Volkswagen has always had the reputation of being an extremely safe vehicle, often referred to as “tanks.” Considering the types of ditzy little girls that drive this thing it definitely needs it. Although it is small in size the Jetta lives up to this reputation, receiving a safety rating of 9.4 out of 10 points from US News.

The style and design of the Jetta has improved drastically over the past 10 years. Starting its existence as an ugly German box of disgust, the Jetta, along with other Volkswagens, have evolved into a curvy, sexy, small little car that the average person can afford. Have you ever seen a tricked out Jetta? They actually look pretty appealing if it is done right and with the proper aftermarket parts. Perhaps they have modeled its appearance after the curvy, sexy, small hot girls that drive them? Just like their young female drivers, the Jettas are quite fast and the interior space is definitely generous when you consider the tiny frame it sits on top of.

Volkswagen Jetta Stereotype

This is the classic Volkswagen Jetta image that people normally envision when they imagine this car. If you are a guy, than you are probably imaging a hot blonde not paying attention to the road because she is putting on her Hard Candy eye-liner while texting her friend about what she’s going to wear out for the night.

Driver Description

Our expert stereotypers predict that 8 out of 10 Jetta drivers are girls; not women, but girls typically ages 16-23 and that is probably because it’s the “cutest” car they can get their parents to buy them when they first get their drivers license.  For some reason Jetta girls are always hot, or at least cute. The hottest ones drive white Jettas. Guys, when you see a white Jetta on the road don’t you always try to check out who’s driving? Roughly 80% of the time you will not be disappointed, because these are the types of people that you will find driving them:

  • Hot girls that you try to drive next to because you just can’t stop looking
  • Cute young girls that you take a quick peek at but realize they are 16 years old
  • Girls that look hot at first glance but you realize it is just their straitened hair and makeup that is doing the trick
  • Gay guys, probably of the “twink” variety
  • Hispanics that do not know they are girl cars and just bought for value
  • Europeans who drive a tricked out Jetta and spend more than the car is worth adding body kits, exhaust, and other crap that does not help their cause…much.

For all of you females out there, remember to buy your Jetta in white because it makes you look way hotter, that is until somebody actually gets a look at your face. Keeping your car free of crusty make-up stains and low calorie fast food wrappers will also help impress any guy that enters your girly box…yes…we are still talking about the car.

Tricked out Volkswagen Jetta

This Volkswagen Jetta has been modified with a cool looking body kit, blacked out tail lights, and probably a lot more. Many Jetta owners do this. This process is often referred to as turning your vehicle into a “rice rocket” – a stereotype word that may be derogatory.

Driving Behavior

You will usually see Jettas driving erratically, and that is probably due to their young female operators. Jetta drivers are usually texting, putting on makeup, or day dreaming about their latest crush. This may sound dreamy, but not if you are one of the pour souls driving next to these crazy car critters. The team has concluded that you will most likely see Jettas guilty of the following behaviors:

  • Tailgating other drivers due to impatience and the yearning to drive faster, even though there is a red light ahead
  • Weaving in and out of the lanes because they do not realize the danger involved
  • Driving extremely fast with the window rolled down and Parliament smoke billowing out
  • Drifting outside of the lane lines because the driver is texting or putting on makeup
  • Hitting the breaks way too early when traffic is up ahead because they do not now how to drive

The Volkswagen Jetta was on the top of our stereotyping list to write about, and we think we nailed it. However, we base our harsh opinions off of what we see in Los Angeles, CA and understand that it may not be the same in other cities and states around the country.  For example, in Louisiana Jettatarians might be fat girls eating fried chicken instead of cuties smoking stoges. That is why we encourage you to write your own stereotype about the infamous Volkswagen Jetta and its drivers.

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