Mercedes S-Class


Officially introduced by Mercedes in 1972, the S-Class was meant to be the luxury sedan hand of this ever so famous German Car Company. Mercedes definitely succeeded, and we know this because it is obvious that the S-Class is one of the most luxurious and technologically advanced lines of cars in the world today among BMW, Audi, Lexus, Jaguar, Maserati, and Porsche. The S-Class has underwent major changes in its appearance and performance over the last 10 years.  The switch from a boxier higher cabin to a lower sleeker body has given the S-Class a very sexy yet solid and heavy look. It is known to give off a very “business” appearance and is looked at highly from a professional standpoint. The interior includes Mercedes’ soft leather and cushy seats that hug your body, and the type of people that drive these cars could have definitely used some more hugs growing up as a child.

Mercedes S-Class

It is crazy how a car can be driven by such a wide array of people and personalities, from gangster to business man or a mixture of both. Mercedes drivers are a special breed, they demand the best and many would argue they get what they desire with the S-Class.

Driver Description

With a baseline MSRP of $92,350 for the S400 Hybrid, the S-Class can only be afforded by the most wealthy of US Citizens. Although there are plenty of rich people in the United Stated who are very kind, compassionate, charitable and all of that good crap, many of them are stuck up pricks and spoiled princesses who feel like purchasing a Mercedes keeps them in that special “VIP bitch club” they think they’re in. Due to the fact this car is very expensive, the majority of people you will see driving the S-Class will be older, probably within the ages of 50-75 according to our expert car stereotypers. Ultimately, you will see the following types of people and personalities driving the Mercedes S-Class:

  • Old people who want to not feel the road when they drive
  • Old people who enjoy a good mix of luxury and performance
  • Old people who only buy Mercedes and nothing else
  • Middle-aged men who are successful business men and/or have a family to transport
  • Professional drivers picking up their Client from the airport or other common location

You would definitely see more young people driving this car if they were to come out with a two-door coupe model, but until then you can expect to gaze into these cars on the road and see very old wrinkly faces.

Sick Customized Mercedes S-Class

Rolling strait gangsta is a nice feeling when you get drive in a pimped out s-Class like this, an S600 none the less. Throw on some 22 inch rims, blacked out window tint, and a nice little rear window spoiler and you have yourself a mob machine that will cradle you, your bros and your females.

Driver Behavior

Just like the rather boring business appearance of the S-Class, the driving style is very slow paced and non-sporadic.  This result is most likely a product of the type of driver that sits behind the wheel of this expensive road yacht. Old people feel very uncomfortable when they travel at fast speeds so they tend to drive slower, MUCH slower, than other drivers on the road. Even the younger middle-aged men who drive this car are usually on their blue tooth, have their mind on their next business meeting, or are thinking about their kid’s baseball practice they have to be at after work so they tend to also drive slowly. You will really only see the Mercedes S-Class driving in the following ways:

  • Driving within 5 mph of the speed limit on the freeways and streets.
  • Taking a long time to get up to speed on the freeway even though it has the capabilities of blowing away just about any other car in a race
  • Making very slow and wide turns
  • Parked in a Valet line or in the lot at Denny’s or Carrows Restaurant at around 4:30pm

According to our experts, you will also usually see the S-Class with tinted windows. This is because every type of person who drives this car requires tinting – Old people need it for they eyes to keep the glare out, business men need it for privacy, and professional drivers also obviously need it for privacy.

Our overall take on the Mercedes S-Class is that it is an expensive, luxurious, technologically advanced, fast, powerful, roomy, smooth sedan that old people can enjoy for the short time they have left here on Earth.

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