Mazda Miata


In 1990, Mazda decided to release a vehicle that would change nothing…the Miata sports car. Have you ever seen a vehicle that you are more frightened to be inside of when an accident happens? Okay, maybe Fiat or Smart Car, but after that the Miata is definitely at the top of the list for vehicles you will die in if a head-on-collision occurs.

Besides for its very small size, the Mazda Miata can look very sporty at times…you know, those times when you are drunk or have been in an impoverished area with no nice cars for an extended amount of time. For the money, there are LOTS of better options out there. The base model starts at $23,000 and the PRHT starts at $28,000. You are probably wondering the same thing as us…who in the world buys these cars? The answer is: not many people, but the few that do purchase this car are usually females or gay men.

Miata Sports Car

This picture just says it all about the Miata sports car. Don’t you just imagine a European guy with a long blonde pony tail listening to crazy electronica music driving this thing? Is it in West Hollywood? We are harsh on the Miata, but truth be told it is a dependable, quick, sporty little gem.

Driver Description

Have you ever seen a guy driving a Miata? Me too, I parked his car for him and his boyfriend when I used to work as a valet at a hotel in San Diego. In all seriousness, the Mazda Miata is usually driven by females ages 38-55, and not all guys driving them are gay. These are pretty much every type of person that you will see driving a Mazda Miata:

  • Older women that have a thing for the Miata and want to drive something cute and little
  • Middle-age women who want to drive a sports car without all of the extra power
  • Women who ended up with it because their husband bought a CX9 and they got a deal
  • Gay men who think the car is sooooo cute
  • Strait men who could not afford a Honda S2000

In our expert opinion, the perfect driver for the Mazda Miata would be a teenage girl that drives really safe, because if the Mazda Miata gets into a serious accident the odds of surviving are not good. The other ideal driver for this car would be a professional drifter (drift car racer), because they could take advantage of the Miata’s optimal weight distribution and not have to be seen driving the car in public.


Driving Behavior

You might think that we have some really clever stuff to say about the Miata and its driving behavior, well we don’t. If anything, you will see it driving fast. In Japan you may even see the Miata drifting. Here at we are honest, crude but honest. Our seasoned stereotypers agree that the Mazda Miata is quite average and normal when it comes to how they behave on the road. For the most part, you will find Miatas:

  • Driving the speed limit, maybe a little bit above
  • Using their turn signals, since they need to take every precaution not to get creamed
  • Coming to quick stops since the car has sports breaks and is very light
  • Weaving in and out of traffic if the driver is aggressive, but this is rare

We hope that you will take a closer and harder look at the driver next time you see a Mazda Miata, or any type of car that we stereotype on this site. Maybe you can help shed some light on what drives people to purchase this overpriced feminine death trap. Apparently there are Miata clubs in New Zealand….we would need to see it to believe it.

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