Car Stereotypes

Passenger cars are the most common vehicles on the road and they come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and speeds. From your Toyota Prius to your Infiniti G35 to your rich person to your dirty girl, there is also a wide array of personalities that are known to purchase passenger cars and they are all driven in very different ways.

At we think we have nailed things right on the head, or at least gotten close enough to make people say  “hey…..I have noticed that!” Let’s face it, stereotypes are not always true but most of the times they are, and we hate when people try to say that stereotypes are just all bad because deep down inside everybody knows they are true.

Black people admit that they love fried chicken, Jews admit they are cheap, Mexicans are usually poor, old people are usually slow, and Asians admit they are bad drivers (except for the crazy Tokyo drifter type Asians).  It sounds horrible, but us Americans need to stop being pussies and face the truth…the real truth that certain people drive certain cars and they drive them in a certain way.

Have you ever wondered why audience members laugh at comedians when they tell racist jokes but people complain and sue others when some people due it on TV or on the radio? We do, and we do not like it! America is a melting pot and it is time we stop acting like a salad bowl

Check out the different stereotypes we have so far and let us know what you think!

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