What Does Your Car Say About You?

Stereotyping people by the type of car they drive is controversial and taboo.....but it works and it is fun!

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Asian Stereotypes

Asians are bad at driving

Follow Us When people think of which races and ethnicities are stereotyped the most, Asian stereotypes are probably one of the first ones that pop in their head. Why do Asians receive so much attention when it comes to stereotyping? It is partially because stereotypes are true to some extent,Read More…

Racial Stereotypes

racial stereotypes

Follow Us Racial stereotypes are a sensitive subject, especially here in the United States. With America being the melting pot that it is, there are people from all types of ethnic backgrounds that have either migrated here or were born here as 2nd or even 3rd generation Americans. This isRead More…

Top 10 Gayest Cars

Pink Smart Car

Follow Us Gayest Cars in the World 10. Mitsubishi Eclipse Back in the hay day of the 1990’s was a time that the Mitsubishi Eclipse could be seen driven by males ages 16-32, and 8 out of 10 times it probably had aftermarket exhaust, intake, body-kit, or some other add-onRead More…

Ready to Get Stereotyped?

Classic White Rape Van

Follow Us until the end in a classic white rape van. People are offended by everything in today’s world. Between all of the animal activists, environmental freaks, save the jungle peeps, and other people with an overly strong moral compass, nobody can ever voice their opinion without an outright uprising.Read More…

We are tired of people thinking that they are all that just because of the type of car they drive. It is time for them to find out what people really think ----- Drivers of America